What’s Here; And How To Use It

You want information.  You need to make decisions.  Some of those decisions are being made during times of crisis.  You’re looking for advice.  Or support.  Or you’re just looking.

We want to make sure your searching fruitful.  The first thing we’ll do here is describe the useful links that appear along the right side of our blog.  Consumers of healthcare data often find themselves frustrated.  People who want to know, often don’t know how to find.

For this reason, we’ll take a few days to specify what’s here in this blog, and how to use it.  Here’s an example:  S.L. is a 80-something powerhouse who lives in our retirement community.  She’s the life of the party.  An artist.  And a writer.  Published a book on Amazon.  Lectures about aging.  Designs t-shirts and markets them to all.  She’s frustrated when she can’t get the web-browser to work for her.  The frustration is more common than you’d think.

So, for those who might be stumped by all the ‘clicking’ and ‘browsing’, the RSS and the Wi-Fi, Twitting and Tumbling, we’ll give you a modicum of assistance.

In our next post, we’ll discuss the first set of useful links:  “Advocacy”

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