Informative Links

Dozens of Informative Links to Assist You in your search for useful advice and counsel about Aging and Gerontology

(This section is still under construction. Please stand by for more. (6/10/17))

This site serves as a beginning point for your own research.  As the Baby Boomer population increases, the number of resources will likely also increase; probably astronomically.  All we can do right now is to point an arrow, and set you on your way.  As we grow, our resource section will improve.

The ‘links’ listed here are categorized below.  Click on each highlighted entry below to get to the individual sites.

  1. Advocacy Links.
  2. Age-oriented Media.
  3. Aging Brain.
  4. Assistive Technology.
  5. Caregivers and Family Services.
  6. Faith and Spirit.
  7. Financial Issues.
  8. Geriatrics and Gerontology.
  9. Grand-parenting.
  10. Los Angeles Elder Resources.
  11. Memoirs and Narrative Therapy.
  12. Mindfulness:  What and How.
  13. Professional and Scientific Associations.
  14. Psychological Research.
  15. Sociological Research.
  16. Spiritual Issues.
  17. The Sandwich Generation.

If you find resources of your own, we’d appreciate your letting us know by using the “Leave a comment” box at the bottom of this page.  You can also share your thoughts using the attached poll.