A Father’s Death

He Lived Cautiously, and Then Died Suddenly From the Los Angeles Times, May 15, 2015 by Jeffrey Wasserman (A father's unexpected death leads one man to reassess his instinct to always play it safe in life.) My father did everything “right,” yet there he was in intensive care, on life support. When my teenage daughter Alice … Continue reading A Father’s Death

Death After Life? Reports of brain activity after clinical death.

When the Canadian team looked for this phenomenon in their human patients, they came up empty. “We did not observe a delta wave within 1 minute following cardiac arrest in any of our four patients,” they report. If all of this feels frustratingly inconsequential, welcome to the strange and incredibly niche field of necroneuroscience, where no one really knows what’s actually going on. But what we do know is that very strange things can happen at the moment of death – and afterwards – with a pair of studies from 2016 finding that more than 1,000 genes were still functioning several days after death in human cadavers.